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Clinic Equipment

ASTI aims to provide the best possible medical care for our animals. In particular, we need the following:

  • A new microscope
  • A portable X-ray machine
  • An ultra sound machine

The microscope is needed for routine checks of blood and fecal samples collected from the animals, and the other two machines are needed to monitor the health of animals when there are concerns about certain conditions that need checking.

Please contact Annette at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you can help us with this.

Tiger Food

The two tigers  with ASTI, Eva and Leony, are always hungry, and they eat several kilograms of meat at each meal. Together, they eat their way through about USD 1,000 worth of meat (IDR 12 million) every month.

Can you help us with these food bills? Any donation for these tigers would be a great help to ASTI, and would be greatly appreciated. Click here to donate by bank transfer, PayPal or MoneyGram.









What's New?

New arrival at ASTI!

Bart, a beautiful young Javan hawk-eagle, doing well at ASTI

Bart is a young (just a few months old) female Javan hawk-eagle. As you can see from her photograph, she is very beautiful. Javan hawk-eagles are endemic to Java, and are very rare, so every single one counts and we are very keen to get her back to the wild as soon as possible. Luckily, Bart's blood tests reveal that she is perfectly healthy, so she can go soon.

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ASTI Animal for November 2014
Lili, a grizzled leaf monkey, came to ASTI after being confiscated from a private home. These beautiful monkeys (also known as Javan surili) are very rare; they live in the forests of the western half of Java island, and only about 1,000 remain. Since Lili is court evidence, she will stay with us until the conclusion of the court case. Click here if you would like to sponsor Lili.


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