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New Enclosures for ASTI Animals

New homes are being built for the cockatoos; these birds rapidly destroy their cages, and constant renovation is necessary.  Since we have renovated and repaired their homes over and over again, we have now decided to start again from scratch. Our sulphur crested cockatoos (two pairs) and Tanimbar cockatoos (one pair) are already happily flying around together in one big aviary, so now we want to do the same for the yellow-crested cockatoos.

At the same time we will be building a separate home for each of Dini the Buffy fish owl and Adam the crested serpent eagle, both of whom came to ASTI with wings clipped which means they can never be released. Dini needs a shady place with tree trunks in which to perch, and Adam needs a place with lots of low branches since he can only hop from one perch to another.

So far we have erected the welded metal frame for two separate large aviaries (no more wooden frames for cockatoos!), but we still need to cover the framework with wire mesh.

Can you help us  with the cost of the wire mesh? The total cost is approximately USD 4,000, or about IDR 46 million. Please donate to help our beautiful birds.

Vehicle for Rescues and Releases

ASTI is frequently called upon by the Department of Natural Resource Management to assist with rescues of animals from markets, private homes or businesses. In these situations, we are forced to rent a vehicle for carrying the animals safely, since ASTI does not own a vehicle. In addition, whenever we need to release animals, or take them to the airport for relocation to another part of Indonesia, we need to rent a vehicle for this purpose.

Do you have a used pick-up truck you might like to donate to ASTI? Please contact Annette at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you can help us with this.

Tiger Food

The two tigers  with ASTI, Eva and Leony, are always hungry, and they eat several kilograms of meat at each meal. Together, they eat their way through about USD 1,500 worth of meat (IDR 17 million) every month.

Can you help us with these food bills? Any donation for these tigers would be a great help to ASTI, and would be greatly appreciated. Click here to donate by bank transfer, PayPal or MoneyGram.









What's New?


Can you help Elsa, this beautiful tiger?

Elsa was rescued recently from a trap in Bengkulu, Sumatra, and is seen here recovering in her cage following an operation to remove injured toes by Bengkulu Department of Natural Resource Management (BKSDA) vet Yanti. Elsa needs donations for food and medications while she recovers. Please help us to help Elsa!

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Animal for June 2014

Eva the Sumatran tiger, confiscated from a private residence in West Java in October 2013, is well.

She is shown here having a snooze on a rainy afternoon.

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