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ASTI's site is in West Java in the hills close to Bogor. It is close to two National Parks, Gede-Pangrango and Halimun-Salak, and in an area of extreme natural beauty (see photos below).

Our actual site is also very beautiful, not just because of the animals themselves but also because of the trees and flowers planted between the enclosures by Dede (ASTI Maintenance and Assistant Keeper). The photos below show some of the results of Dede's work.

ASTI is constantly upgrading enclosures and building new ones to increase our capacity. The images below show some of our enclosures under construction, and the finished articles.


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New arrival at ASTI!

Beautiful hornbill just handed over to ASTI

A hornbill (named Clover) has just arrived at ASTI. Clover is seen here in the transport cage in which he arrived at ASTI. He is currently receiving routine entry health checks and will soon be relocated to a bigger cage. We hope he will do well; so far he is fine and eating lots.

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ASTI Animal for January 2015
Kada, a southern cassowary bird, seen here having lunch, has been with ASTI for some time. We want to send Kada and two other cassowaries with ASTI back to Papua in eastern Indonesia, but first we need to identify a suitable receiving organization to release them into a safe habitat. Many cassowaries end up all over Indonesia because they are taken from Papua when young for the illegal pet trade. When they become very large and potentially dangerous adults, nobody wants to keep them at home anymore, and the birds are handed over to rescue centers like ASTI.


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